Pastor Mark visits a Prison

Pastor Mark, had never seen or experienced such thunderous, jubilation and excitement in the penal institutions when he arrived to minister to the inmates in a Prison in Zabwe. As Pastor Mark stood up to address the 2000+ inmates and introduced the newly programmed AudioBibleTeachers, just about all the inmates rose with shouts of joy as though they had received pardon, yes spiritual pardon so to say. The condemned men also got wind of Pastor Mark’s presence and went on to the balcony of the first floor to beckoned Pastor Mark to go and say something to them. Did you know that these men have given Pastor Mark the Bemba nickname of Pastor UMUFUNGILO which simply means FOLDER or the well known Scroll with seals? Pastor Mark enjoys the name because our Father God has put in our team and also onto the ABT’s these amazing lessons that are turning the penal institutions upside down. 88 condemned men came down to hug Pastor Mark as he broke the good news of newly programmed ABT’s that were about to be distributed among them the following day. Pastor Mark had difficulty leaving the prison and had to be escorted out as most inmates wanted a word with him for a personal ABT. Instead of leaving through the main gate, Pastor Mark had to be ushered out through the sick bay which is in the Chapel yard and just there he met up with inmate Lucky. Lucky had earlier given a tithe to Pastor Mark’s church and attributed his changed life to listening to the lessons on the ABT. Lucky had his sentence commuted to life and in less than a year had his sentence again commuted to a 25 years. Out of the 332 who had their death penalties commuted to life imprisonment, 180 have had their sentences once again commuted to a 25 year jail terms and out of those 180, 47 straight away walked to freedom.
This is the impact that Fatherhood Prison Ministry is having on the lives behind the walls.

April 2016

Delivered by Jesus from the hanging rope and discharged

Frank from a Zambia prison, was on death row for 13 years when his sentence was commuted to life. After that he spent 7 more years at B-farm prison and has just been released. He was giving an opportunity to preach in one of the churches in Zambia.
The congregation shed tears as he shared how Jesus delivered him from the hanging rope and discharged him. He finially said "FPMZ and the Audio Bible Teacher lessons have done a lot of cleaning inside me, I want to be like the one leper out of ten who came to say:
"Thank you Jesus", and I say "Thank you Church." The mood in church that Sunday morning was electrifying.


With God's help we have just been able to complete new programming for the Zambia and Malawi Audio Bible Teachers (ABT) Thank you, Malawi Bible Society and Davar Partners International, for the complete Audio Bible OT & NT, in Chichewa and Yao. Besides the complete English programming we now have also all our lesson materials in Chichewa (also useable in Nyanja territories) and most of them in Bemba


Two years after a dangerous revolt hit the Zambian Maximum Security Prison of Kabwe, the tide has turned for revival with the help of our Audio Bible Teachers.  An Assistant Commissioner shared the following: "The content of these gadgetss is turning our prisons upside-down."
In August 2015, the Zambian President entered this prison and commuted all 340 death sentences. Our God is delivering Africa.


Lucky serves a life sentence in Zambia, yet gave k150 ($11.00) to Katondo CMML Church.
The congregation was amazed to receive such a Glorious gift. When Lucky gave me that money,
I first refused to accept it knowing that he needed even more help.
The young man wept and pleaded: "Please take it, I wholeheartedly give to the church
that houses FPM- Zambia for the tremendous transformation in my life as a result of the ABTs and your presence."

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