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Fatherhood Prison Ministries Fellowship was begun in 2008 by our current African Field Director Kees Hoek through prophetic calling. After his wife Elsje deKeyzer-Hoek died in 1998 after 36 years of marriage, four people with gifts for the prophetic, people he did not know, spoke to him in less than three days’ time that he was going to be "a father to many young men who have not had a father of their own". Kees received this as a great privilege, motivating him to dedicate the balance of his life to serving his Father with all his heart. Here is the third prophecy, verbatim recorded and amazing accurately fulfilled, given on 10 February 1999:

“I believe that the day is coming when your heart’s desire is going to so satisfy you while it has been such a frustration, and even when your mind has told you: ‘It is impossible’, there will be times when you will hear the Holy Spirit say: ‘I am in fact the God of the impossible.’ And He is about to do what is impossible; it is impossible for you to do it, it is impossible for you to orchestrate it, it is impossible for you to redeem yourself in such situations; it is absolutely impossible, and He is going to redeem what belongs to Him in you.

As He has been refining you, there are parts that don’t belong to Him, and that has been painful. But there are a lot of good things that you stuffed down in your heart, and they need to come out; yes, there are a lot of good things, good things.

Once you’ve gotten past all these things and resolved them in your heart so that you have peace, there isn’t conflict anymore, and the wondering, the wondering, the wondering, you are going to mentor others: lots of young men, lots and lots of young men, lots of young men, few maybe now, but nothing like the brood you are going to have someday. And eh, it is going to be very, very good; it’s going to be very good, and you will have what they need, not what they want.”

Though Kees already engaged since 1998 in full time prison ministry in his home state of Washington in the USA, God led him in 2002 to Africa where he began church planting in rural communities in Swaziland. God prepared Him there for his ultimate calling by teaching him about ancient African culture, and African prisons. Since 2008 the ministry has near exclusively focused on remote rural peoples and African prisoners, bringing them solar powered Audio Bible Teachers ("talking Bibles") with topical bible lessons and complete bibles in local heart-languages, and “Fatherhood Prison Ministries Fellowship” was founded. We consider remote rural people to also be “prisoners” who because of their lack of literacy have been isolated from the Word of God.


Audio Bibles

Our Audio Bible Teacher (ABT), often called the “Talking Bible”, allow inmates to hear the Word of God for the first time and study it. Men can then listen in small fellowship groups, discuss questions and so encourage each other in their faith.

We teach prisoners the “Healing of the Wounded Heart”, afterwards baptizing many. We evaluate how best to leave our Audio Bible Teachers in good hands for supervision and security, and then provide one ABT per cell for group listening. The players are programmed with topical bible lessons to make for an easy understandable introduction to God’s Word, followed by the bible itself.

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