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Many African prisoners are eager to use their idle time to study God’s Word to get to know Him better, but most prisons in Africa are rarely visited to preach God’s Word. This is often caused by a despising of “criminals”, but also due to lack of resources to travel. Chaplains keep asking for printed bibles, yet 70% of inmates cannot read well enough to be helped with a printed bible. For most inmates the World of God opens up for the first time when they hear the Word. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

The AudioBible TeacherOur Audio Bible Teacher (ABT), often called the “Talking Bible”, allow inmates to hear the Word of God for the first time and study it. Men can then listen in small fellowship groups, discuss questions and so encourage each other in their faith.

Since 2015 an increasing number of these ABTs go in remote rural villages where people are still prisoners of Satan due to lack of reading skills.

We teach prisoners the “Healing of the Wounded Heart”, afterwards baptizing many. We evaluate how best to leave our Audio Bible Teachers in good hands for supervision and security, and then provide one ABT per cell for group listening. The players are programmed with topical bible lessons to make for an easy understandable introduction to God’s Word, followed by the bible itself. One ABT can contain more than four heart-language programs. 

The Audio Bible Teacher is a solar powered audio player, manufactured by Kivah, an NPO division of Microtronix Mfg. of Johannesburg, and is called the Audibible™.  With our own programming we call it the Audio Bible Teacher ABT.

The ABT is programmed by FPMF using special software and cannot be programmed for other use.

The ABT is provided for free in prisons and rural areas of Africa, and occasionally sold at our cost.

Inmate Jane from Zambia wrote: “I have loved the Audio Bible Radio because it has helped me to understand the Bible, since it is difficult to read the Bible page by page. But as for the Audio Bible, I can listen to it though hearing the voice, and where I am not clear, I usually rewind so that I can understand more.”

A Chaplain from a Malawi prison wrote: “Pastor, the introduction of those audio bibles to the prison has done many advantages to the prisoners: The good understanding of bible since the other chapters are in our local language to those illiterate benefits. The introduction of bible study groups for bible discussion. The machines have user friendly features, solar power / quick search of chapter, just to mention a few that doesn’t require much effort. Praise songs, and many more that were not there before the audio bibles.”

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