These lessons are on the Audio Bible Teacher.

The Vine

I was in Jerusalem in March 2014 for a summit meeting of DAVAR Partners International, the Audio Bible people. One time we visited the Upper Room where Jesus celebrated His last Passover supper with His disciples. That room was of course destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 after Jesus’ birth, together with all of Jerusalem. But the reconstruction still shows the original building blocks close to the foundation of the old building. What I did not know is that this Upper room was built over the grave of King David.

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Don't think too high of yourself

Little children rely on their parents for all their needs: love, food, clothing, shelter, a home, security and so much more. They are not yet very capable in doing things, and rely on their parents for help; good parents teach and train them to obey and respect authority, how to do things, and how to live. And so we all must learn to rely on our heavenly Father for all our needs. I do not think too highly of my independent abilities to accomplish much. I believe that most things I do are supported by the spirit world, the real reality. Either a loving and caring almighty Daddy God is my helper or, when I ignore my God and Father, that help will come from Satan and his demons who will gladly make me believe that I am capable and do not need help, and that ultimately will make me prideful and ruin my life.

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I believe that our God is a very playful God; we will discover that He is a fun God when we get to know Him well.  You know, He designed things here on earth in such a manner, that He wants us to do everything for Him, yes, manage everything for Him.  But we are not so very capable, and He knows that.  But do we know that?  Adam knew it, and as he was doing those things which his Father liked Him to do, he only had to ask His Father to help Him, and Father God then loved to do it for Adam.  A beautiful example is in Genesis 2:19: "God brought animals to Adam to see what names he would gives them, and whatever Adam called each living creature that it became."

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Prisoners, the hope of our world

As I drove my car this morning to town, I was struck by the sight how the main road where it turns was totally blocked by minibus-drivers.  Most of them do not care at all for other users of the road, as long as they may gain, maybe, one more passenger before moving on; a long line of cars was waiting for an opening to pass through.  This is just one typical example of how people in African countries usually take without any appreciation, instead of give; obviously they do not understand and practice the nature of our God who always, and only, gives.  Giving is a key word of this message.  We just cannot give if there is no love in our hearts, and we cannot love without giving liberally from an open heart.

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