Pedro's testimony - November 2017

Pedro Trigo and I were fasting for two days this last Thursday and Friday, and now, the next day, he writes me:
“The Lord challenged me to be first to humble myself before the local community leaders that I was training yesterday. During the time of prayer I shared about idolatry, pornography, ancestor worship, lying and stealing. I started confessing, and asking God for mercy. Everyone was silent, but one brother got up and came forward where I was and he said: “I want to confess too; “I have been sleeping out”; and then another one came and said: “I want to confess I have medecines from a witchdoctor. And  another came and shared: “I have amulets”, and suddenly we were all crying and praying to God. Keep praying for us Kees. On Sunday evening we will continue. 
When you come we will have specifc sessons for healing as there are many hurts.”
And here is my answer to him:
“Oh, Pedro, it is all about humility indeed. That already immediately attracted me to you last year October when I first visited you. Our humility, continual and sincere humility, will draw many people close to our almighty but so loving God and Father. Only He can restore wholesomeness to anyone.
Let us keep on sharing, so that we will keep on praying for Father’s glory to rise over Niassa.”
Kees Hoek

A testimony from Mark Chibesa in Zambia - 2 February 2017:

LONG TERM SENTENCE- The year, 2017 has began on a good note. The preaching of the ABTs lessons by inmates in the Long Term Sentence has reached an advanced stage with more inmates wanting to participate. You can even read the joy on their faces as they quote Folders and the lesson contents. The new Chairman of the inmates’ care group and the chaplain have introduced Sunday 19:00 - 20:30 hours as Audio Bible Day, and on Wednesdays is a quiz programme from Audio Bible lessons. All programmes of entertainment nature have been scrapped to facilitate ABTs. This is happening in all 12 cells at the same time.

DEATH ROW- also called Blessed Section. I preached a message I had prepared and prayed about for three months that is rarely preached in this section for fear of an uprising.
I preached on HEBREWS 12: 24 "THE BLOOD OF JESUS SPEAKS OF BETTER THINGS THAN THAT OF ABEL" where the blood of Abel speaks of Accusation, Vengeance, Judgement & Torment, but where the Blood of Jesus speaks of no Condemnation, Forgiveness, Justification & cleansing of our conscience. During my preaching session, there was untold silence in the whole section and my companion feared for the worst for me but the Lord kept on revealing words that I didn't even prepare in my message. I was only disturbed by rains to make an alter call and on the veranda I found myself surrounded by inmates who asked me to come the following day so that they could confess their sins.
The following day, I was given a thunderous welcome and spent the whole day listening to hair raising testimonies and true confessions. Most of them wept as they shared and confessed their sins and for sure I wept with them, but my tears were tears of joy for I didn't believe my message would have such an impact and seeing people being saved in my presence. I prayed with them the SINNER’S prayer, Prayer of the HEALING OF WOUNDED HEART and a Prayer of restoration into God's Kingdom. I have never experienced this kind of thing since I started ministering in this section. And the Chaplain told me that it is rare that inmates in this section open up their hearts to confess for fear of the rope. Well, with Jesus there is no fear of the rope for they spoke as a THIEF brother on the Cross, "We deserve to be punished". Ooh what can I say in response to this?
Now I understand why God called me to this ministry in a vision (read my testimony on www.fpmf.org).
But this is more than what I had expected from the Lord or maybe I didn't understand its depth. To saving people on the verge of death! My greatest excitement was that these inmates after my preaching went to research and came up with more verse references pertaining to the same message I had preached the previous day, and on that day all inmates were confessing in their cells all night and their morning devotion was about my message, preparing their hearts for my arrival and no wonder the welcome and confessions. They said: "other messages are cosmetic but yours and the ABTs purge sin from the inner man."

I therefore encourage readers of this report to consider that God can do what you think is impossible. Yes with us and on our own it is impossible, but when we allow Him to work in us, IT IS POSSIBLE.
God bless you as you labour in His Glorious Vineyard.

Amos travels from Malawi to Mozambique - October 2016

Amos handing over the AudioBibleTeachers

Early October Amos took a trip to Lichanga in Mozambique to deliver the radio programs and to encourage the listeners. Many have been listening since the programme first went on the air and there has been a great impact among the Yao people in Mozambique and many have responded to the radio programme. As a result of this Amos has thought it wise to extend the reach of the radio programme to Mozambique and Tanzania thru airwaves. There has been a great impact, among the Yao people, both young and old. Some of these through listening to the Way of Life radio programme and many have come to faith in Christ. Among these there are teachers. While in Lichinga Amos had to do numerous things, like to be on air live for three days and the response was overwhelming. Amos received 72 phone calls in the three days he was on air at FOT FM radio station. Many were coming in person to visit him and some wanted Amos to remain in Mozambique since the programme is life saving.


Amos explains how the AudioBibleTeacher works.

Others wanted Amos to visit them in their village, "Please come to Tunduru in Tanzania,," they said.

Amos’ visit to Mozambique was an eye opener, since there are many opportunities there and the people are so eager to hear the Word of God. Again seeing how poor the people are Amos had to distribute the Audiobible Teachers which he had taken with him. Many were very happy to receive the ABT since they cannot read and write so to them it is a great blessing to be able to just listen to the ABT and hear the word of God. This is something completely new.

Some of them asked Amos if he could extend his programs to Tunduru where there are many Yao people and they have invited Amos to be at the launch of KLM FM radio in Tunduru which is going to take place in November this coming month. Amos hopes this will be an opportunity to share and distribute the ABT’s at the same time.

There is a great impact among the Yao today with the Way of Life radio programme that is aired on FOT radio in Lichinga. Amos reports that people are hungry for the Word of God these days. Please continue to pray for Amos and the partnership of bringing the Yao to Christ. Together we can make great things!

Forgiveness - 19 October 2016

Bishop Livingstone, who leads 17 rural churches in Malawi and across the border Mozambique writes the following:
"FORGIVENESS: It has been discovered, in a number of listening groups, that many people had secret enmity with others without knowing it. As they have heard from ABTs on Healing of the Wounded Heart, it has been noted that we hinder ourselves from being forgiven by God the Father. May the good Lord continue to give you more revelations. Love from your Brother in Christ Jesus, Livingstone."

Pedro reports from northern Mozambique - 12 November 2016

"Aleluia... I think it is time for harvest in our region. We see many Yao leaders coming and asking to follow Jesus and others asking for prayers. Last week we had a meeting and people started confessing their sins, some brought the medicine from witchdoctors and they burnt them. Many village leaders are asking for us to send to them the AudioBibleTeachers so the people can start house churches in their villages. People are hungry for the word of God. Last year I sent teams to Macua metto villages and now we have 7 house churches. We praise God we have people ready to be trained and go to the isolated villages.

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