A tough mission trip to the North of Malawi

Pastor Danileck Mitepa and Kees Hoek returned Sunday night from two weeks in the far North of Malawi and had a very fruitful ministry among prisoners, teaching them about Healing the Wounded Heart, helping them with individual personal prayers for forgiveness for not having forgiven in the past those who hurt and rejected them, rather than loving them. Also instruction was given everywhere about God’s plan for men to be Prophets, Priests and servant Kings of their families.
The response has been overwhelming with the tip of the iceberg showing 279 inmates who Danileck could baptize. Satan’s hand was however again clearly visible. The evil one hates what we are doing in Jesus’ name to the people he used to be able to fool. The first visit was planned to be in Chitipa in the NW tip of Malawi, but the car could not negotiate the incline of the road, so they had to back down hill and first minister in Karonga, where the engine thermostat that controls the radiator fans was disabled. When the team went up hill to Chitipa and they had the biggest challenge of this two week long trip. In the middle of the night a very drunken man tried to back his car out of the parking lot first ramming the entire side of the car of the owner of the lodge, who was with him in the car, then he made a violent turn hitting the left front wheel of Kees’ car so hard that the front of the car was pushed over 1.5 meters, pushing it into a wall. The shock absorber was bent and needed to be replaced. So Kees wondered how and when the car would be drivable again out of this highly rural area. Kees also suspected that the drive shaft to the wheel had to be damaged. They prayed and prayed some more. In the morning they had to go first to the police station to report the incident. This all was biting into the time for ministry at the prison.
Kees had an opportunity to counsel this drunken driver whose breath twelve hours later still was heavy of alcohol. Yes, our Father God is teaching Kees now to try to love our enemies as it is a major part of teaching about Healing the Wounded Heart. When we came back to the lodge a spirit-filled man was waiting for us as the Lord had told him to go and see how he could help us; amazing. He is the local hardware store owner and next to it a carpentry business and a restaurant; quite a businessman. And on top of that he goes weekly into five small rural communities to teach people God’s Word. He has an automotive parts dealer friend 350 km away in the Northern Region small city-capital who happened to have the shock absorber in stock and shipped it without delay before payment could be made; amazing. The time that was lost Saturday morning at the police station was made up Sunday morning at the prison where Danileck could baptize 45 men after the seminar, while the shock absorber was being replaced. The team left Chitipa without any time loss as God did the miracle of providing the urgently needed repairs promptly; amazing. Satan did not stop our God.
But the broken fender could not be replaced there, and the drive-shaft to that wheel was obviously damaged and could not be repaired there, and yet had to complete ministry in Rumphi, Mzuzu, Mzimba and Nkhata Bay, and then back to Blantyre a total of about 1300 km. Danileck and Kees had no choice but to ask Father God to please allow them to make it home before the drive-shaft would fall totally apart. All the way Kees remained apprehensive as a lot of vibration came out of that wheel. The Lord had to be trusted as Kees had no spare time left before he must return to Pretoria by mid-October.
The team made it, and as Kees dropped Danileck off at his home at 8 pm a rapid clicking came from the wheel; would Kees make it back to Wenela Lodge? Just then, Danileck’s new son-in law from Zimbabwe, a person Kees could trust with repairing the car arrived. The wheel was removed and grease was found dripping from the gearbox. The drive shaft bearing was in four small pieces; amazing again. Is our Father good and are Jesus’ words totally trustworthy that we may step on serpents but they cannot harm us? Satan attempted twice to stop us, but ended up the big looser, only because of a God and His Son Jesus Christ who has BEEN GIVEN ALL AUTHORITY IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM AS WELL AS HERE ON EARTH. Oh, how blessed we are by our Father and acknowledge freely that it is the prayers of many of you that make us so fruitful and allowing our Father to glorify His name.

Kees Hoek

23rd August 2016

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