familyMen and women are created for complimentary purposes.  God has called the man to lead and protect his family and society, the woman is to be his helper.  Even if one does not accept the Bible without argument, this is clearly visible in the differences in how a man and a woman function.  A man predominantly uses the left hemisphere of his brain that is created for analytical thought; he is not a very relational being.  A woman favors the right hemisphere of the brain that focusses on relationships, the spiritual, and thus on pleasing through faithfully serving.  He naturally makes decisions through a process of analysis and deduction; she naturally makes decisions with her feelings.

During the course of life these natural tendencies are modified through interactions between men and women and through education, but both nevertheless maintain a tendency to fall back on the original, initial, use of the brain.

This equips a man better for leadership and protecting, but it equally important equips a woman better to lead in terms of relationship: teaching what love is all about.  Man’s manner of analytical thought leaves him at risk of becoming a loner, but a woman’s thinking with feelings puts her at risk of making bad choices.

Without a mother boys and girls will grow up overly focused on what is right and wrong, how to do things best, but will not easily develop sensitivity for what other people think or feel.  Without a father both boys and girls are not exposed to, and encouraged to emulate the analytical thinking processes of a father; they will develop a focus on the relational, on love, on the spiritual.  This will not equip them for leadership.  In their formative years children need exposure to both a father’s and a mother’s manner of functioning.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s greatest problem is that women have played dominant roles for ages, and few fathers engaged with their children while they grew up.  We see a very high percentage of men who function like a woman due to lack of a father’s involvement with his children for many generations.  This is now also becoming the West’s downfall if it does not quickly turn around.  When boys and girls grow up during successive generations without exposure to a manly mind, the earth will come under a curse because of lack of available leadership skills.  God warned already clearly about this problem some 400 years BC in Malachi 4:5-6: "Listen, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, but if that does not happen I will strike the earth with a curse."

In Fatherhood Prison Ministries Fellowship we want to be fathers to prisoners who had no fathers in their lives, so that they may now recapture some of God’s vision and purposes for men.