Our Prayer Requests

Praise - 10 September 2017

Praise for a good repsonse to the speaking of the Healing the Wounded Heart messages in Zambia this past month. In Kabwe 51 were baptised and in Kansenshi in Ndola 25 of which 15 were women. 14 were baptised in Chondwe Farm Prison, 72 in Singongo Remand Prison and 22 in Luanysa Prison.

Pray for Kees and team as they are now in Kitwe bring the lessons in a very large prison.   


Pray - 26 June 2017

Please pray for Kees as he is travelling by road from Blantyre to Lusaka this week. Kees will be following up on the work in Zambia. 

Praise - 23 June 2017

Praise the Lord that Kees has arrived in Malawi with a load of ABT's. Some ABT's were off loaded at Massangulo and Lichinga along the way to Blantyre. So now the work can continue.

Pray for Kees  - 16 June 2017

Please pray for Kees as he travels from Johannesburg to Swaziland today and then through Mozambique to Malawi with another load of ABT's. Please pray that all the border crossings will go well and that his car will keep going well.

Praise - 18 April 2017

Praise the Lord that Kees has arrived back in Malawi after spending time in Lusaka to receive a 1000 Audibibles Players.

Pray for Kees and Amos as they visit Listener Clubs and also for Kees as he prepares to teach at a gathering of new believers across the border from Malawi in northern Mozambique.

Pray for Kees -  31 Janaury 2017

Praise the Lord the Kees has arrived safely in Malawi after a hair raising road trip from Swaziland through Mozambique. Please pray that his time in Malawi will be blessed and there will be a great harvest for the Kingdom.

Important prayer request from Kees - 15 November 2016

I would like to specifically ask for prayer for this ABT distribution program, as it cannot be allowed to stop when the Lord takes me home. I speak my trust in God that Satan cannot take me out; that is impossible; the Lord will accomplish His purposes with the ABT He created. But it is imperative that we seek tools to make sure that the work continues after I am no longer here. I am 78 years old after all, the age when God began using Moses, but Moses soon had a couple of young men he mentored, Hur, Joshua and Caleb. This ministry needs such men to come alongside to assist with fund raising as well as learn to take over a lot of the load that now rest on me. This load often causes me now to make mistakes, like putting stuff away and I then cannot find it back; it happens quite often. And so I just now lost my passport after completing the application for a new South African Temporary Residency Visa.

Praise the Lord Kees did find his Passport.


Praise the Lord - Mission accomplished - Early September of 2016

In Nsanje there is a total prison population of 216 and 52 were baptised. Two of them were ladies. But at Chikwawa where 173 people had signed up for baptism, there was no flowing water for three days. Once the water was running again, 102 men were baptised. There is the problem of  the demonic influence that pulls back so many  when they get the chance. Being baptized puts God's promise in action as He says in Psalm 91:14 & 15: "Because He loves Me with all his heart, therefore I will deliver him and lift him up because He knows Me. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation."  There were many extremely happy faces that day, smiling with a big thank you.


Praise the Lord - 1st August 2016

Praise the Lord that 2000 ABT's arrived safely in Blantyre and please pray that that they will be programmed with content in the next week or two.

Please pray for the Team in Malawi as they visit the Prisons in the North of the country during the month of August.

Praise the Lord for a very good meeting with the Prison authorities in Chichiri.

Pray for the funds to come in to purchase 2000 ABT's later this year.

Kees returned to Malawi on 5 July 2016

Please pray for many lessons in Chichewa and chiYao to be added to the ABTs.

Please pray for the new ABTs to arrive safely in Malawi and that they can be programmeed immediately and for distribution to the right people in the prisons. 

Please pray with us, for health and strength for Kees and the team, as well as the much needed anointing by the Holy Spirit. 


Pray with us for a manager and IT Man

The work is growing rapidly and Kees does not have enough time to handle many requests to expand our outreach. Please pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest that He sends us two staff members for our work. We need a manager to oversee and encourage growth of national teams. He will also be in charge of creating audio programs in new languages. We also ask our Lord to provide for a spirit-filled man with experience in using Information technology to create social networking through the Internet media.